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5-Axes CNC Clipper

The Conturex

5-Axes CNC Concept

5-Axes-CNC "Clipper"

The “Clipper” from Pade is a compact and flexible 5-axes CNC machining centre and is the perfect complement to our other two CNC machining centres.
This machine has been specially developed for the production of particularly complex solid wood parts.
Due to the compact portal design and the star nozzle head, the travel distances are reduced to a minimum. Four independent 10 kW motors ensure a precise milling result even with the heaviest machining.
With this machine, two of which are in our use, we are able to produce large as well as small and filigree 3-D parts with a high degree of precision.

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The Conturex

Two machining units work together in Conturex and save a lot of time. Two tool changers, equipped with all necessary tools, ensure uninterrupted machining without set-up time losses.

We simply transfer design data of your work pieces into Conturex software. Parts with a wide variety of contours and in any required lot size can be produced without set-up time.

Further information can also be found on: www.weinig.com

Conturex – real advantages in terms of flexibility:

  • Complete machining, even of complex work pieces, using 2 (two) processing units
  • Precise work piece clamping using a platen table
  • Optimal ergonomics and user-friendliness
  • Machining of small and narrow dimensions without need for set-up
  • Simple data transfer
  • “just-in-time” production
  • Highest dimensional accuracy
  • Impeccable surfaces and best quality

5-Axes-CNC Concept

The “UNI 5 CONCEPT CNC” from Pade represents, in its design, the ideal solution for the complex machining of solid wood parts. Drilling elongated holes and dowel holes, milling round journals, as well as form and contour milling in up to 5 fully interpolatable axes guarantee flexible and almost unlimited production. This way, we can solve your most difficult tasks. The intelligent arrangement of the 4 independently driven motors in star shape reduces the chip-to-chip time to an absolute minimum and avoids unnecessary non-productive time.

The motors are continuously variable rotatable from 500 to 24000 rpm, so that both grinding aggregates and large tool diameters up to 200 mm can be built up.

Further Information can also be found on: www.pade.it

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