Storks and swallows

Nesting sites for white storks

This year, our white storks have returned to us.
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We deliberately decided against demolishing our chimney and built a nesting aid on the chimney in 2016. With the association “Grubestörche” we were able to build a beautiful nesting site and now enjoy each year our the presence of our friends, the white storks.
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2018 – 2021

The stork couple had 4 young offspring. 3 of them have grown up and are now able to fly so far that they will soon be travelling to Africa.
A new article was published in Westfalenblatt in July 2018.

The storks feel at home with us. On our disused chimney a pair of storks settled down to breed.

House swallows have nesting places in our hall in Ovenhausen

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